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Thailand Link

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Royal Thai Government 
          The Parliament

Bank of Thailand 
          Department of Business Economics 
Department of Business Development
          Department of Export Promotion 
Department of Intellectual Property
          Directory of Thai Industry and Business
          Export - Import Bank of Thailand 
International Institute for Trade and Development (ITD) 
Investor Club Association  
Office of the Thai Trade Representatives
          The Customs Department 
Thai Industrial Standards Institute 
          Thailand Board of Investment 
Thailand Outlook 
The Federation of Thai Industries 
The Stock Exchange of Thailand 
          The Thai Chamber of Commerce 
The Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI)

Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited
          Association of Thai Travel Agents
          Bangkok Tourist Bureau
          Thai Airways International 
Thai Hotels Association 
Thai Longstay Management
          Thai Travel Mart
          Thai Youth Hostels Association
          The Office of Tourism Development 
The Tourism Authority of Thailand 
Tourist Police Division

 Information and Communication Technologies 
National Statistical Office Thailand
          The National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC)
          TOT Corporation Public Company Limited
Bangkok Post 
The Mass Communication Organization of Thailand
          The Nation